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Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Coming Soon...

What's coming next...

I read a lot.   Fiction and non-fiction.  I’m always experiencing the work of new authors, and I continue to eagerly await the next book from my favorite writers. This is the corner of the website where I have a chance to let you know what I’m working on and when it’ll be ready for you.  The Internet gives writers and readers unique ways to connect with each other.  And that’s what it’s all about -- two people connecting with a good story.

Coming in 2013 will be the fifth novel in the Sean O'Brien series, BLOOD OF CAIN. For most people, they go through life with a knowledge of ancestry, good or bad, they have some sense of family history, and so it is with Sean O'Brien until a young woman appears at the marina one humid summer morning and does something that will set O'Brien's life compass in reverse.  The message she brings will lead O'Brien down a haunting path that began with a brutal rape forty years earlier and the hidden family secrets spawned from the desecration of the innocent.  O'Brien learns the girl is linked to a series of "carnival murders."  But just like the illusions found in a house of mirrors, nothing is at appears on the surface.  It's just beyond the looking glass where evil watches, and it's here where Sean O'Brien begins the hunt for a killer with roots that go back forty years to a time and place not meant to be disturbed.

Also coming in spring of 2013, is a stand-alone novel called GRAVITY.  Paul Marcus is about to put flowers on the graves of his wife and daughter when he receives a strange phone call from a university professor in Jerusalem who says a package arrived containing lost notes from one of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived -- Sir Isaac Newton.  The professor invites Marcus to Jerusalem to attempt to decrypt the Newton papers.

Marcus, who is a former cryptographer, isn't interested.  The professor insists, and he sends Marcus a copy of the last page Newton ever wrote.  At the bottom of the page, Newton scrawls that the world's most frightening prophecy may be fully understood if an ancient code can be broken -- a code connected to a hidden artifact owned by some of history's most infamous leaders.  Newton writes that the person who will decipher the code is a man named Paul Marcus.

Marcus agrees to travel to Jerusalem.  He soon learns the real reason he's in Israel.  He loads the information onto a flash drive with the intent to reveal it on the Internet.  He becomes the most hunted man in history because he knows the future.

If you knew how past and present can influence future events, and you might change it -- would you?  Could you?   Paul Marcus knows how the lines from the past will intersect with the future.   But what he doesn't know is his own fate and how that path will cross with powerful people determined to control the events that touch everyone on earth.  Only one man ever learned the information that Marcus now knows...and Isaac Newton told no one. 

GRAVITY - Coming spring 2013.